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From behaviour changing games..... to game changing behaviour

We are passionate about bespoke elearning content, platforms and capability building consultancy. We develop award-winning digital and smart education experiences. This is not easy. But we achieve it with our skills and ingenious mind. Let us show you what.

Education Solutions
Smart Class

e-Learning is most suitable education system to make student intelligent.


How to manage school with Technology ? Just Install our ERP solution and become Hi-tech.

School Portal

According to RTE Regulation, Details of RTE student and Fees are Displayed on Website is mandatory.

Free Consultancy

RTE, Fees Nirdharan, Dise Code, Physical Verification, Govt. Liaisoning and all kind of Consultancy.

1. Smart Class

Gone are the days, when teachers used to throw all the ideas on a board and go on and on about how students need to use this and that. In today's times, technology has gone a long way and so the ideal thing to do is to embrace the changing winds of technology and adapt to it.

The existing smartclass technologies are almost 10 years old and there is very less opportunity in improving the existing smartclass software solutions. After the inception Smartphones and tablets in 2009, these devices have revolutionized the way of information mining and entertainment by shrinking the existing PC in a handheld device.
Using electronic devices like PC, Tablet, Laptops etc does give teachers and students a new and exciting way to learn and adapt to new things, but controlling the class, imparting the education through these devices is still a big task.


  • CCE Pattern -We used in our smart class syllabus NCERT CCE pattern.
  • Interactive white board - Interactive Board with touch pan.
  • Centralized System - Whole system is connected with centralized server.
  • Remote control - A teacher can use it from anywhere in classroom.
2. ERP Solutions

It goes without saying that your ERP is critical to the day to day workings of your school and essential to help manage and maintain pupil data within a safe and secure environment. With the increasing need for you to know exactly where each child is in terms of their attainment and progress, accessing and analysing that data is more critical than ever. NEXGIN::Labs has been helping schools manage their data to make informed decisions for over 20 years and delivers everything you'd expect from an ERP, but online - so you can access what you need anytime and anywhere. Join the thousands of schools already using NEXGIN::Labs and enjoying significant savings both in terms of time and money plus:


  • Accessibility - One system, conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere in school campus.
  • Efficiency - One system, saving your time and money.
  • Centralized System - Whole system is connected with centralized server.
  • Multi Platform - One system, can be operated from all platforms like desktop,laptop,tablet,mobile...
3. School Portal

A web portal, where a school can display their details and informations about school, History and Vision of the school, Director and Principle of the school.


  • Well Designed - This portal is designed by top nexgin designers.
  • Cloud Platform - We serving Cloud based hosting, therefore access speed all time at top.
  • Online Result - When portal is connected with our ERP, It is able to declare result online.
  • Parents Account - parents of student can login and access details about student with their username and password.
4. Consultancy

We know that it's not easy to manage and operate school now a days and there are lots of issues occurs related to government and liaisoning.and We have expert of liaisoning team.


  • RTE - Expert of RTE will feed data of RTE student on RTE portal on time.
  • Fees Nirdharan - We are able to increase fees of school.
  • School Manyata - we provide school manyata RBSE or CBSE.
  • Upgradation Upgrade school.